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The Cantina
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Galactic Republic
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Lost in Space
Originally a Lord of the Rings Online kinship, the Lost Alliance has now joined forces with the Republic.  Together, we'll put an end to the Sith Empire's dreams of conquest.  We are a casual, no drama-guild.
The Story So Far...
You know how it goes... A long time ago in a galaxy far far away... battle between good and evil...

But sometimes, it's just not that simple. The universe is complex, and so are those who dwell within it. The choice is not always simply light side, or dark side. Sometimes the choices you have to make in the midst of a war, are not always able to be categorized as light side or dark side. And occasionally - one finds themself simply feeling - well, lost.

Lost Alliance is a haven for those who find themselves confronted with just such a conflict - for those whose story goes deeper than the jedi code, the sith bloodthirst, and allegiance to the Republic or the Empire. So we invite you to sit back, indulge in your spice of choice, and learn more about us.

The Bark Side
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